Air Media NFT Group, an end to end Web3 NFT Marketing Studio, has successfully tied up with G Villas Siargao to transform it into the very first Web3 Resort using NFT’s.

It’s a community-owned project fractionalized into rewarding timeshare (RTS) NFTs, transforming the way investors build their diversified portfolio, with access to diverse digital assets, low transaction costs and the ability to trade 24/7.

The project will consist of a limited of 300 NFT’s at 1 ETH on Private sale and estimated at around 1.8 ETH on Public Sale. Interested holders will be able to purchase on our Minting Website TBA on Minting Date February 19, 2023.

The NFT collection will feature 300 Pixel Art Beach Villas that comes with a limited edition Siargao famous icons like Cloud 9 deck, Surfing Spots etc.. It was made by artist Jojo Briones of Air Media NFT Group.

20% of the mint sale and 3% Royalties will go to a charity institution in Siargao Island.

Benefits and Rewards

Siargao Villa NFT holders are entitled to a miscellany of benefits. This includes 10 years of staying rights, freedom to swap, trade and lease their NFT’s. Each holder gets 10 room nights per year privilege and an island tour around Siargao Philippines. Other exclusive perks like discounts on food and transportation will be given through air drops.

Passive Income

Staking your NFT’s gives you dividends on the Resorts Annual Room sales which will be air dropped to your wallet automatically.

Upcoming Pipeline and Development Plan

Air Media NFT Group will also continue to move forward with plans to expand in Real Estate NFPT (Non Fungible Property Tokens) through Siargao Island NFT Land Sale. It’s a 2 Hectare Beachfront Property in the Island that will be the Crypto Island of the Philippines.

Own a real piece of the island – Turn your crypto into a physical asset with Siargao Villa NFT.

Siargao Villa NFT is taking the next step in the evolution of of NFT’s by introducing a way to turn digital ownership into physical. Anyone can own a piece of the island by acquiring Siargao NFPT ‘s that can be bought,sold easily without any complications associated with transfer of traditional real estate.


Founder and CEO

David Gomez

Web3 Hotelier Entrepreneur,CEO Air Media NFT

Co Founder and Enabler

James Afante

Founder Astro XP, Afante Studios

Co Founder and Marketing Collabs

Jon Herrera

Founder illest motorverse,Fairfax Media Network / Dj Metahustler

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

Air Media NFT

A WEB3 Development Company (Blockchain Development Operations)

Moderator,Collab Manager and Builder

Fritz Mesina

Moderator,Collab Manager and Builder

Kyle Tipan

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